A Level Over Thinking

20150327_103804 20150327_103754 20150327_103745

Having spent the last lesson of Spring term collecting our thoughts about meta-ethics, I decided to play a thinking game with my yr13s. Simply enough we took it in turns to read various statements starting with the phrase ‘I believe’. Now I’ve used this with other year groups and it creates lovely arguments if you get the mix of students right, but I have never experienced anything like this…

I guess I should have expected it, but with each card read came a barrage of qualifications. What does it mean by religion or beliefs? By what standard are we judging ‘goodness’? And it went on. Throw in that with every turn you have, you get to move one card already placed and cue the debates! We discussed the subjective or objective meaning of life;  whether equality extends to criminals; the allegorical or literal readings of scripture  and not to mention the repetitive conversations on whether animals had equal value to humans!

It made me incredibly proud of my yr13s and the kind of critical and open thinkers they were! Kind of the reason I teach RE, thanks guys!


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