30-year-old Russian man volunteers for world’s first human head transplant Medical News Today


A while ago I posted a link for the story of a doctor suggesting he would be able to perform a head transplant. I asked if it was possible and even if it was should it happen.

Well now a Russian man has come forward to volunteer.  He has a degenerative muscular condition that is terminal. He believes he has only the options to try this or to die, so basically why not…

Medical and ethical issues aside, I feel as time is a factor for this gentleman,  that this isn’t even an option. Our optimistic dr hasn’t really outlined full details of what would happen and he has even admitted that it still needs work. It has also yet to be seen if any medical boards would sanction such a procedure.

However having discussed the matter with many staff and students since then I have to share the question of whether the Russian man would still experience and feel things in the same way…

I feel cold more than my husband (or at least I can’t cope with it as much) but would that change? How much control would you have; if I was an artist would I retain that skill? And actually now that I mention it what about your other half (not sure of the potential patient’s marital status) but what would the impact be for them? I know relationships are more than appearance, but physical intimacy will be different.

Watch this space…


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