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Nicky Morgan condemns Orthodox Jewish sect’s female driver ban

Nicky Morgan condemns Orthodox Jewish sect’s female driver ban

When religion and human rights clash…


City in the sky: world’s biggest hotel to open in Mecca

City in the sky: world’s biggest hotel to open in Mecca

Is overwhelming attachment to a site a form of idolatry or respect to a person or event in history?

Mecca has become a centre for development and modernisation in a time where Islam is one of the fastest growing religions. Buildings that once were homes for the prophet’s first wife have been demolished to suit the increasing demands. But possibly more concerning for me is the building of ornate hotels and suites. Going to Mecca and completing the pilgrimage means entering a state of Ihram, a part of which is being equal with all Muslims in Mecca. This is why many dress simply and in white. So it feels like this unique state of equality is going to be difficult to achieve in the 2nd highest building in the world.

Maybe my understanding is flawed, cause I’m not Muslim, but this was a concept I respected. To follow in the footsteps of the prophet and do so shoulder to shoulder with your Muslim brothers and sisters. One time in your life where status means nothing for you are all equal in the eyes of Allah.

Like I said I may have got this wrong…

Thomas Cook makes ‘sincere and heartfelt apology’ over children’s deaths | UK news | The Guardian

Thomas Cook makes ‘sincere and heartfelt apology’ over children’s deaths | UK news | The Guardian.

Sharon Wood, Leslie Thomas QC and Neil Shepherd at a press conference

Today my 13s discussed the tragic case involving Thomas Cook. A jury concluded that the travel firm had breached their duty of care, so we discussed the duties of a business.

Friedman argues a business’ only duty is to make profit, but in today’s world we see an increase in society demanding moral culpability from organisations! Look at the banking crisis!

But another interesting factor is the money Thomas Cook has won from the hotel responsible for the safety of the site. It was more than what was awarded to the family and after pressure from outside Thomas Cook have given half of it to UNICEF (£1.5 million). Is this a socially responsible company or is it doing it to save face? Should they have given away the full £3 million or does it have a duty to its employees to stay afloat?



Does nature have intrinsic value or does its value only exist for us? Basically if we don’t appreciate it or use it is it pointless. This has been the debate with my yr13s today, many say they really want to hug the ugly creatures….personally I’m ok.

Ethically if you see the environment as valuable in of itself then you have an eco-centric (ecosophy) view. This was an idea supported by Naess; that we are just part of a complex system.

However, some argue that ethics should be anthropocentric and only make decisions for the benefit of mankind. Destroying the environment is morally wrong as it would destroy us, but that is the only reason.

So should we value the blob fish because it is of equal value to us or because of its necessity to our existence?

When should voluntary euthanasia not be an option? | Quassim Cassam | Comment is free | The Guardian

When should voluntary euthanasia not be an option? | Quassim Cassam | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Many of my students debate that euthanasia (especially voluntary) should be legalised, but this article brings up some interesting counter points.

Is this still true for people with mental illnesses? Do they have the same capacity for rational thinking and should they be able to make decisions medically? This opened up a conversation about society’s view of suicide.

Secondly should the same right be allowed for criminals? In the case of Ian Brady he wants to die and Britain’s legal system is keeping him alive, so what rights should they have and enjoy?

Shadows of prison bars

Mexico to Paraguay: Let a 10-year-old girl have an abortion | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian

Mexico to Paraguay: Let a 10-year-old girl have an abortion | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian.

My yr12s have been discussing the moral issues behind the recent story of the 10 year old girl denied an abortion. They argued that an absolute approach has forsaken this girl in many ways

Firstly is the fact that pregnancy at such a young age has many risks and it feels that society is willing to risk her life in the name of the preservation of a potential life. (Of course whether a foetus is a potential life, a life or a bundle of cells is a debatable issue in itself).

Secondly is the problem that her mother has been sentenced to prison as a result of neglect. Again whether you agree that a parent would know and that failure to act means they should be punished aside; we have a pregnant 10 year old alone now. Perhaps her mother is negligent or useless, but what if she wasn’t…this girl has to face something very scary alone!

However, can you ever have relativist laws, surely a law that bends and changes could be manipulated…


Rare 1611 ‘Great She Bible’ found in Lancashire church – BBC News

Find me a ‘She Bible’. Although the amount of text books I’ve used in class with typos is ridiculous,  they create a murmur but we generally don’t rename the thing!

Shouldn’t be surprised that a text produced to share religious and political ideals freaks out at a random female presence. The KJV was my dissertation at uni, so I know the impact on language it had…so I always wonder…

If God is neither male nor female, but merely ascribed a term to assist our understanding (he, father, his). Then would the world be a different place or not if we had used ‘she’…kind of want to watch Dogma now