Pope Francis To Send Out Priests To Forgive The ‘Sin’ Of Women Who Have Had Abortions


Now some rare opinions from me, firstly I believe an abortion has to only be judged by the women themselves. The decision needs to be accepted in their mind and sit well with their conscience.  External powers should not impose their views as the choice to undergo an abortion is never taken lightly.

Now looking at Christianity as I have,  I do get confused by absolute laws. Only because my understanding is that Jesus physically removed himself from legalistic tribes and listened to people’s stories before giving advice. I approve of the current Pope’s comment that some Catholics today get too concerned with the big sins. Hopefully a year of mercy might be helpful to bring people back to a state of mind that is more concerned with help than hate. I mean wouldn’t it be more Christian to volunteer for the Napal relief then picket abortion clinics.

I don’t for one second mean that Catholics have to change their view on abortion, because that is your right to feel. Also I completely understand the sanctity of life and the desire you may have to repect God’s creation. However imposing these views can create dangerous situations specifically for women. As the article mentions if women can’t have an abortion or use contraception it leaves them in situations that men may not need to consider and that isn’t equality.

Two quotes to finish on:
“Let he without sin cast the first stone”
“I toast the Pope, but first I toast my conscience”


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