Popular Egyptian singer angers fans with ‘anti-God’ tattoo – Middle East – Jerusalem Post



Chill out people! What do you care if I believe in God or not; surely it’s the way I treat others that matters. If I abuse and attack atheists or theists that is the issue, not whether I disagree with them.

I’ve encountered examples of both that as a teacher I would tell off for trying to put other people down. Most ironically have been adults and to be quite honest we should all know better!

I agree that individuals or groups that impede the rights of others should be stopped, but 3 years in jail for not believing in a god…not sure that makes for a content society.

Also chill out about the artist’s tattoo.  Not that it’s any of our business, but claiming your heart’s conflict is with God could mean anything. I heard a wise Christian once say that true faith comes from doubt. Unless you have experienced conflict or crisis and truly questioned your beliefs, then you can’t know the depths of your faith.

So don’t be anti this or that; just be you and chill out.

Did I mention chill out….think I did…


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