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Why do people believe? An evolutionary angle!


Paris attacks caused archbishop to ‘doubt’ presence of God – BBC News


I’d heard it said by a man of faith, that you can never call yourself truly faithful if you have never doubted or questioned.

Here is a very interesting insight from the Archbishop of Canterbury. “I’m in the middle” is how God responded to his questions in the light of the Paris attacks.

This is an issue currently being studied by my GCSE students, the inconsistent triad. How can an all loving and powerful God exist in a world with such evil and suffering? The biggest question.

It fills me with pride that students begin discussig the idea of free will and acts being trials from God. And it’s true that many messages of strength and love come out of an act of hate from a minority, but as my yr13s came to discover in philosophy, surely a most powerful God could have made a world of such creation that acts of love did not need to come from such hate.

As an RE teacher, I  applaud the openness of the Archbishop’s questioning. No one should blindly follow, either as an atheist or theist, always unpack and analyse for themselves.