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Pope Francis to dismay reformists with ‘modern families’ document

Pope Francis to dismay reformists with ‘modern families’ document


There should be mercy. A positive message and a big step for catholicism but still a nod to divorce and alternative family life being flawed.

Is it enough? Does it go against traditional catholic beliefs?

I just know I like this pope’s efforts.


Give up indifference this Lent


Pope Francis leads the Ash Wednesday mass , Feb.18, 2015 at Santa Sabina church in Rome.

Pope Francis is such an interesting man for RE teachers. Here he is shedding a new perspective on fasting for lent, which echoes some aspects of Virtue Ethics. For him sacrifice is pointless if you help no one and that it is the ‘globalisation of indifference’ that means that we no longer look outwards.

In a world where I admit to rather not knowing details to save myself from some of the deep injustices occurring, this highlights a wider issue that people sometimes have. I recently discussed with my yr13s Tondeur’s approach to living an ethical life with business and he said we must seek to be informed. Many of us admitted to not wanting to know about the ethical practices of our favorite companies for convenience. This is potentially the exact indifference that influences us all.

Not being a Christian, I shall be sacrificing nothing for Lent, but I can’t help but think how the advice speaks to us all.

Rare 1611 ‘Great She Bible’ found in Lancashire church – BBC News


Find me a ‘She Bible’. Although the amount of text books I’ve used in class with typos is ridiculous,  they create a murmur but we generally don’t rename the thing!

Shouldn’t be surprised that a text produced to share religious and political ideals freaks out at a random female presence. The KJV was my dissertation at uni, so I know the impact on language it had…so I always wonder…

If God is neither male nor female, but merely ascribed a term to assist our understanding (he, father, his). Then would the world be a different place or not if we had used ‘she’…kind of want to watch Dogma now

Pope Francis To Send Out Priests To Forgive The ‘Sin’ Of Women Who Have Had Abortions


Now some rare opinions from me, firstly I believe an abortion has to only be judged by the women themselves. The decision needs to be accepted in their mind and sit well with their conscience.  External powers should not impose their views as the choice to undergo an abortion is never taken lightly.

Now looking at Christianity as I have,  I do get confused by absolute laws. Only because my understanding is that Jesus physically removed himself from legalistic tribes and listened to people’s stories before giving advice. I approve of the current Pope’s comment that some Catholics today get too concerned with the big sins. Hopefully a year of mercy might be helpful to bring people back to a state of mind that is more concerned with help than hate. I mean wouldn’t it be more Christian to volunteer for the Napal relief then picket abortion clinics.

I don’t for one second mean that Catholics have to change their view on abortion, because that is your right to feel. Also I completely understand the sanctity of life and the desire you may have to repect God’s creation. However imposing these views can create dangerous situations specifically for women. As the article mentions if women can’t have an abortion or use contraception it leaves them in situations that men may not need to consider and that isn’t equality.

Two quotes to finish on:
“Let he without sin cast the first stone”
“I toast the Pope, but first I toast my conscience”

Thought explosions: environmental issues

Today was an exciting day, one of my yr11 classes was set loose on the tables with board pens. Their mission, to write anything and everything they could on 5 environmental areas:

Global warming
Natural resources
Stewardship (from a christian and a jewish perspective)

Well done all of you, cause you smashed it! After they turned my desks into notebooks,  I let them go round and take snaps!

This post is to big up their amazing work, but also to share it with those who couldn’t get pictures. Enjoy yr11s, hopefully environmental issues will
scare you no more!