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Female deacons could lead to female priests – and the Vatican knows it

Female deacons could lead to female priests – and the Vatican knows it


Slippery theological slope or exactly what the saviour ordered….


Rare 1611 ‘Great She Bible’ found in Lancashire church – BBC News


Find me a ‘She Bible’. Although the amount of text books I’ve used in class with typos is ridiculous,  they create a murmur but we generally don’t rename the thing!

Shouldn’t be surprised that a text produced to share religious and political ideals freaks out at a random female presence. The KJV was my dissertation at uni, so I know the impact on language it had…so I always wonder…

If God is neither male nor female, but merely ascribed a term to assist our understanding (he, father, his). Then would the world be a different place or not if we had used ‘she’…kind of want to watch Dogma now

Amir Khan: ‘I’m more British than Ukip’

Amir Khan: ‘I’m more British than Ukip’

Some interesting insight on Islam for those of us who aren’t Muslim. He discusses the meaning of Hajj, his response to the 7/7 bombings and the importance of talking to tackle extremism.

Although a part of me is always interested in his relationship with his wife and her move to Bolton from New York…his comment that she’s content to live there now she has the baby did make me wince…

Still that doesn’t detract from the insight I mentioned before!