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Watch “Are we hardwired to believe in God?” on YouTube

Why do people believe? An evolutionary angle!


BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – The Infinite Monkey Cage.

Been listening to this ever since a science teacher friend mentioned it once to me and I think it’s important to share now.

Often people (students and adults) seem to think my subject (RE/Philosophy/Ethics) should be at odds with science and technology. Frankly I disagree. In everything that happens in the world; all the advances we make and discoveries uncovered; humans are faced with questions and issues that must be discussed.  How they do this and the value of the impacts are often explored in some of my lessons.

One of the shows I listened to about maths and the meaning of numbers echoed lessons I’d taught about whether good has any meaning. And reading on early philosophy has blown my mind about the similarities between so many subjects students are taught in school.

In particular the show that included the then Dean of Guildford Victor Stock was insightful. How even a man of God can criticise ‘religious people’ for thinking they had all the right answers (massively simplifying his point) was so interesting to hear.

It is essential to appreciate and understand the universe around us and I am not so naive as to think this can only be done in my subject. We should all open our eyes to science, maths, technologies etc and these shows could be a nice foot in the door for some!